People Are Hypocrites About Sex

It seems odd to me that the same people who say that it is wrong for someone to be enslaved and forced to act against their will then seek to do exactly the same to other people. People who protest that slavery and people smuggling is wrong because it removes people's freedom to live and act as they want have my support. But they lose my support when they then decide that the entire sex industry should be made illegal and forbidden because a very small number of people in the industry are not working by choice. Imposing your will and your values on other people is wrong, whether you do it to make money or to make a point.

I do not want to be a criminal. I know that there are a lot of people who think that the life of a criminal or a gangster is romantic and exciting. I have known a lot of criminals in my life and I can assure you that their lives were not romantic or exciting, unless you think that excitement is the same as fear and paranoia. So no, I do not want to be a criminal mastermind. Representing an independent and free willed adult Las Palmas escort who is offering her company and sexual services of her own volition should not be illegal.

But the way that the law in lots of places treats the sex industry means that I have to think like a criminal mastermind just to run a business which would be perfectly legal in most countries. I run my business professionally and carefully and I take care of my suppliers and customers and my business should be as legal as any other.

I do not think of myself as a criminal. I do not want to be a criminal and I do not want to be involved in a business that is illegal. So I object to the way many countries treat the sex industry. Some are enlightened, but some are just odd. I enjoy working with escort girls and I like taking care of the clients and my associates. And I like to think that I am very good at running my business and making it a success. So when other people decide that what I do should be illegal just because of their moral or political views I do not like it.