My Life Is All About Sex

My life is all about sex. I write about sex. I sell sex, I write about sex and I organise sex. I also like sex in my personal life. I enjoy all kinds of sex and I have tried all types of sex. I have tried everything sexually that you can possibly imagine. And I enjoyed almost all of those experiences. Everything about sex is good and I love it. Which means that I am a woman who loves sex and has as much sex as possible who is also in the sex industry. Enjoying sex and then also being in the business of selling sex and writing about sex is a wonderful and very lucky situation.

I really enjoy being in the adult industry. It means I get to spend my whole life writing about sex, talking about sex, selling sex and, of course, having sex. And I try to have as much sex as possible in my personal life and I try to have sex in as many different ways as possible. I used to have sex with as many people as possible as well because I was quite promiscuous when I was younger. And obviously I chose to escort Marbella clients for years. But now I have found that having just a sole romantic partner is actually far better. Sex is better when you really understand your partner and their tastes and desires because you can give each other much more pleasure and satisfaction.

The sex industry is actually one of the largest industries in the world. People do not realise just how big the sex industry is, even in those parts of the world where it is legal. Because the sex industry is so large it is also at the leading edge of the technology industry. Most people do not realise that most of the big advances in technology have originated in the sex industry. The ability to earn money will always make people creative and there is lots of money to be made in the sex industry without ever breaking any laws. That is part of why I like the sex business. It is great fun and makes a lot of money.