Sex Is Just A Business

I always think that running an escort agency is very much like running a business in two other industries. The two industries most close to the escort agency industry are recruitment and talent management. Recruitment agencies and talent agencies work the same way as agencies representing the most professional high class Madrid escorts. Recruitment agencies and talent agencies both represent people who are selling their time and services. Recruitment agencies and talent agencies both take a percentage of what those people earn. And so both recruitment agencies and talent agencies basically have the same business model as the escort industry. But from my experience, the sex industry has more ethics than either recruitment or talent agents.

People who have never worked in the sex industry think that it is glamorous and erotic. I suppose it is like people who have never worked in a food factory who think that is must be really appetizing having the delectable aroma of fresh food around constantly. Both groups of people are wrong. There is nothing appetizing about food manufacture. And there is not much that is glamorous or erotic in the sex industry even though there are always the glories of the high class and sexy Madrid escorts. It is simple a job like any other. It is certainly a matter of business the same as any other business. Suppliers to deal with, clients to take care of and staff and resources to manage.

Is there anything more consistently enjoyable than sex? I do not think that there is. Great sex is amazing and bad sex is still fun. Which means that working with really good and very professional escorts in Madrid and selling sex to the men who want to visit with them is a nice way to earn a living. There are far worse jobs and much worse businesses. I know because I have had far worse jobs and owned much worse businesses. Like every job some days are better than others. But my worst day in the escort business is still better than my best day in some other jobs that I have had.